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Dr Froyland Alvarado Guemez Pierre Teilhard de Chardin  of the Jesuit order.
Born in Orcines, on May 1, 1881 and died in New York on April 10, 1995. It  was  the French theologian, philosopher and paleontologist  who built an integrated  vision of science and mysticism with his thought; of the evolution of spirit and thought.

Religion is not just one, there are hundreds
Spirituality is one

Religion is for those who sleep
Spirituality  for those who are awake

Religion is for those who need someone  to tell them what to  do and want to be guided
Spirituality is for those who pay attention  to their inner voice

Religion has a set of dogmatic rules
Spirituality invites us to reason about everything  to question everything

Religion threatened and frightens
Spirituality says, “learn from error”

Religion represses everything  and in some cases it is false
Spirituality transcends everything, it brings you closer to your truth!

Religion speaks  of a God; it is not God
Spirituality is everything  is everything  and  therefore, it is in God

Religion invents
Spirituality finds

Religion does not tolerate any question
Spirituality questions everything

Religion is human, it is an organization with men’s rules
Spirituality is Divine, without human rules

Religion is the cause of divisions
The spirituality unites

Religion is looking for you to believe
Spiritually you have to look for it to believe

Religion follows the precepts of a sacred book
Spirituality seeks the sacred  in all books
Religion feeds on fear
Spirituality  feeds on trust and faith

Religion lives in thought
Spirituality lives in Consciousness

Religion deals with  doing
Spirituality has to do with the self
Religion feeds the ego
Spirituality drives  to transcend

Religion makes us renounce the world to follow a god
Spirituality makes us live the glory and paradise here and now

Religion lives in the past and in the future
Spirituality lives in the present

Religion creates cloisters in our memory
Spirituality liberates our Consciousness

Religion makes  us believe in eternal life
Spirituality makes us aware of Eternal life

Religion promises life after death
Spirituality is to find God in our interior during life and death

We are not human beings  who go through a spiritual experience ;
We are spiritual beings  that we go through a human experience.

Welcome to share that issue i think is good for you all, let us learn and teach others accordingly.

Lusako Mwakiluma
Inspirational and Motivational Speaker

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