Khanga in Swahili expression

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Kanga Writing (Swahili) Literal Translation Most Common Meaning

Akiba haiozi Savings never go bad It's always good to save or invest for the future.

Akipenda chongo huita kengeza A person in love with a one-eyed person calls her/him "cross-eyed" When a person is in love, he/she hardly sees the bad attributes of his/her lover. She/he will always belittle or find excuses for any faults on her/his lover.

Akufukuzae hakwambii toka A person who wants you out of her/his place will not tell you, 'Get out!' The actual Swahili proverb doesn't stop there, it continues with: "... you will just learn that from her/his actions."

This proverb (which is used a lot in the Swahili world) is just a reminder that people's inner feelings are mostly communicated through actions, attitude and behaviour, and much less through words.

Literally, the proverb tells people not to wait until they are verbally notified that they are no longer welcome at a particular place, instead, they should try to take note of the attitude, actions, and behaviour of their hosts, to know that they have stayed long enough and it was time to leave.

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