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When I was in the Final Year of my Graduation Studies, we visited one of our friend's home for a lunch. I had no idea about where he lived, I mean, how it could it be?! I just knew that he took the bus from his home to our college.

The moment we reached his house, I found the staircases of his building were not so good nor was his home painted very well. I can't describe in words but it was not even the type of house in which a typical middle class Indian family lives in.

One of the greatest things I did find there were loving parents. We sat on the ground for the lunch because they didn't have a dining table. His mother served us very delicious food, smiling throughout and showed care for the entire lunch session; that I can never forget.

His father worked as a normal mechanic and I wondered if he earned enough money to support their 2 sons.

While we were taking lunch, his father returned home to meet with us. When he entered their home, his hands were dark black and his clothes were very dirty. I remember our friend had no hesitation about his father and made our introductions. I think it is rarely what we see in today's generation. How loving this family was!

Now, I am telling you the remarkable moment of the story. As soon as his father came in, after just 4-5 minutes, our friend asked us if we wanted "Papad" ( A Typical Indian Food ) to eat. Before we could say anything, our friend's mother said there were no "Papad" in the house.

Quickly, our friend asked his father if he could get some. Very gently and kindly his father brought it for us, after going through many staircases even though he was looking tired.

Don't you think of this as Richness of a Poor Family? I think all readers would agree with me.

The story doesn't end here... the interesting part still continues.

Today, our friend is a Team Lead in one of the leading MNC(s) that is Oracle. He is able to pay high rent in Hyderabad and have a new, beautiful home. Not only that, he helped his brother financially in his studies and is still helping.

So, friends, what can we figure out from this story?
The moral I understand is this:

"The amount of money you make won't win others' hearts; the only way is with love and kindness. The second point is that struggle and bad periods are needed in life for everyone, as it makes us strong. If you have strong willpower, goals and also the attitude of hard and smart work, you can definitely be a successful person in some areas of life, if I am not wrong. God always helps."

Some moments you always cherish in life.

I am planning to ask our friend for one more lunch or dinner at his home when comes back to our hometown. And I always tell him and remind him of one of the most remarkable days of my life, the day I had lunch with him and his parents.

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