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You can be a great human resources manager with the right direction and a few years of experience. However, other things that will help you in your career include harnessing your creativity and practicing your communication skills, among other things. For more information, read on for tips on how to become a great human resources manager.


1.      Get your degree. A bachelor's degree is required, but a graduate degree will put you a couple of steps ahead of the competition. If you cannot manage to get the advanced degree now, make sure to start night or online classes as soon as possible, and check on any tuition reimbursement programs offered by your current employer.

2.      Gain some experience as a supervisor. Even a small management role in retail is valuable to a future HR executive. It would be difficult to give valuable advice and guidance to managers if you have never dealt with performance problems yourself.

3.      Be as creative as your existing job allows. If you are lucky enough to get a job in an HR department, develop ideas around new incentive programs or employee wellness or benefit plans that will enrich the workforce and increase the bottom line.

4.      Practice your communications skills frequently. You need to be comfortable giving presentations and handling employee discord to be an effective HR person. Practice does make the difference.

5.      Hone your writing skills. Writing is half the job. You will often be asked to write memos, employee communications, policies and announcements for the management team. The more opportunities you have to do this early in your career the better. Take writing courses if needed to practice your language skills.

6.      Uphold your reputation. Image is everything. People watch what HR managers are doing all the time. Practice impeccable work habits on the job. Never talk bad about anyone in the workplace and dress like you really believe in yourself. Others will see you as a solid leader and contributor.

7.      Be willing to take calculated risks. HR management is an important function in any company. Often you will be negotiating with unions or groups and your persuasiveness and sales talents are needed to be fully effective. Sales work early in your career is also valuable.

8.      Maintain professionalism. You should understand that you cannot be friends with your subordinates. You will need to keep secrets and do some of the things everyone hates to do, like terminating employees. People will sometimes hate you and all that you stand for. If you cannot deal with this hard truth, find a different career.

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