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How often do you ask yourself how to make subconscious mind help you on the road to success?

Secret of success #1

This is the first and the main success secret.
What does it mean an ‘internal intention’?
’An intention’ means the readiness to have and act upon the achievement. ‘Internal’ means that your desire comes from the heart and not from the mind. Heart controls emotions, and mind controls logic. If the conflict arises between emotions and logic, every time in all cases emotions win. They are stronger then logic in our Universe. Our Universe is a large bundle of energy. And our emotions contain a small part of this energy. Only your emotions control your life. They are like a magnet, attract to you events that you go through in your mind.

Why do I say just ‘an intention’ not ‘a wish’? ‘A wish’ is a tool of a mind. It wishes something, when it is not ready to get this. Your mind wishes something, but this thing doesn’t matter to your heart. Therefore not all wishes come true. Wishes become a reality only, when they transform into a desire and then intention. In other words, when the person is ready to have what he wants, then the energy of desire transforms into direct effects, what makes a law of attraction to attract things into your physical reality.

I could not understood, how happens, that man wish to achieve something and do not take any actions towards it's achievement. Now it becomes clear why it happens that way. WISHES COME FROM THE MIND. If the heart is not in harmony with the mind this wish will not come true. A mental discomfort will push away the desired events from you. When the mind finds something, that is in line with your heart, you are ready to work and put your efforts towards achieving your dream. Then you simply stop wishing, and start acting. You realize, that it is already yours, but when it appears in your physical reality is just a matter of time. Your believe is so strong, that you start realizing, that your desire is on it's way to you.

Try to understand, what success in life means for you. Not always it is something material. Material things are results of success, but not the success itself. Each person wishes to have a large nice house, excellent car, but the heart of only a few people desire the same. The heart of others desire something else. We have come into this world absolutely different. We cannot aim the public success. You have to find your personal success. You will feel, when you really find your niche. It will be accompanied by the feeling of joy and happiness, absolute peace in mind. These feelings bring into your life a lot of good and become permanent positive source of vital energy. The most import success secret is to find your personal path in life and follow it!

Secret of success #2

Let me reveal you one success secret, that perhaps will surprise you. Most likely your mind won’t accept it, but don’t reject this idea right away and think about it. SUCCESS IS A NATURAL WAY OF DEVELOPING EVENTS; FAILURE IS A DEVIATION FROM THE NORM. Now let me clarify why it happens this way and why there are more failures then winners in the world. On the page intention, I explain the law of the least resistance. It means, that Universe follows the line of the least resistance; it brings into reality things, that requires the least amount of energy, but it does not mean the big things in our understanding require more energy. Please look around: the nature is full of abundance, it is wasteful in all. Look at the fields, covered by millions nice-looking flowers, at the mountains, at the oceans, at the forests. How great they are! The nature creates this beauty without any efforts. Abundance is a norm and an ordinary development of events. See how harmoniously everything is established in nature. It is amazing, isn’t it? Why do people have everything vice versa? This poverty amazes too! The answer is hidden in a human’s mind. Human’s life is controlled by his mind. All events have to follow the scenario defined by the mind in advance. And if something goes wrong it is interpreted as failure and as unpleasant coincidence of events. As a result the person begins to experience negative emotions. To say the truth the other scenario doesn’t mean "the worse" scenario. Because what is death for a caterpillar it is birth for a butterfly. Interpreting events in the negative way, we step aside from the road of abundance and success. A mind take control over our life. It pushes off the heart to the background. That's why in the most cases people face with failure, they move the line of the great resistance. Life is unpredictable, but mind tries to define everything and forecast all the variants of developing events in advance. But it is impossible! Being disappointed and unhappy with the present scenario person moves to a negative life line, where everything happens opposite to the persons wishes and desires. Human makes a great mistake. He thinks, that unpredictable scenario of the events development is worse than predictable. . Let your mind does not interfere into process of goals achievement and then you will get what you want. Loose a grasp of the control. Then an unconditional knowledge, that you are on the road to success will open to you. And nothing can stop you, because Universe is wasteful on wealth and plenty.

Secret of success #3

You have to take responsibility for the realization of your goal and start to work hard towards it's achievement. The success secret of all wealthy and successful people is hidden in their work. Do you remember Thomas Edison and his 10000 unsuccessful attempts, that leads to the wonderful discovery; Henri Ford, who invented an automobile, the team of experts worked day-by-day on T8 model more than a year; and other well-known people. Nobody achieved success lying on the bed. Secret of success consists in the hard work. Work and only laborious and hard work led them to their goals. They overcame a great number of obstacles, that later helped them to make new and new wonderful inventions. And nobody was afraid to overwork. Watch the successful people, they work much more time with bigger efforts then mediocre people. They take a rest very rarely and relax much quicker and effectively. Hard work gives them strength. This is the main secret of hard work.

Though they work more, they are get tired much less. Why? Because they see their goal and live in their vision. It gives them power to work further. A page long-term vision treats this subject much more deeply. A man is created for a work, he become tired doing nothing and his heart gets bored of laziness. Look around. Everything is created for some purpose: cars to move fast, planes to carry people for long distance in a very short time. A man comes to Earth for some purpose as well. Look, if you close your car into a garage and forget about it for 2-3 years, this car will be in much worse condition, then an average car used day by day for 10 years. It also regards to the planes and everything else too. And man becomes bored doing nothing. He has to work and achieve his goal. Only following this way a man can find his happiness.

You should figure only on yourself, working on the achievement of your own dream. You shouldn’t rely on good fortune or on other people. Good fortune will be with you, if you act upon achieving of your dream. If you will wait your fortune, you will do it forever. The more you procrastinate, the more difficult will be for you to find your luck. Act yourselves, manage other people cleverly, and fortune will be with you. So I wish you to work hard for the achievement of your dream.

Secret of success #4

Self suggestion is the only known key to the world of sub consciousness.  Self suggestion helps us to control our life in a manner we want our life to develop. ALL THE TIME YOU SUGGEST VARIOUS THOUGHTS AND IDEAS TO YOUR SUBCONSCIOUSNESS, but you do not to know about it. Each word that you address to yourself and each thought about your qualities or the world around you is self suggestion. What do you think about yourself? Do you like yourself? Your thoughts about yourself are self suggestion as well. Thoughts in your mind transform into emotions. Emotions are the basic line for sub consciousness. And the longer these emotions stay in your mind, the more they impress your sub consciousness. All thoughts deep-rooted in your subconscious mind affect your physical reality. The simplest example: if you don’t like yourself, you act unconfidently, you question each you decision. Self suggestion is a most powerful process (now you understand, why) and leave it is to chance, moving through life spontaneously and unconsciously is at least stupid. You are able to choose your thoughts consciously, so think a couple of minutes about yourself from the best point of view. You are a unique person, there is no the same person in the world. YOU ARE A STAR. Think a while only about your positive qualities. What are you good at? You have a lot of good qualities. Focus on them. How well do you cope with that task, with another task … Think for a while.
Have you noticed your mood has changed a little bit to the positive? But you thought only for a while. If you think 5 minutes, if you repeat this twice a day and then if you think every day repeatedly? Do you understand what will happen? You will finally change your attitude to yourself. You will learn to focus on positive things.

Secret of success #5

At this step miracles take place. Even if you do not know how to achieve your desire, start to set goals. It is a transitional moment from average person to the successful one. It is very important to become aware of this success secret. ALL SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE DIDN’T KNOW HOW THEY WERE GOING TO ACHIEVE THEIR GOALS. It is important for you to have enough courage to set these goals. When you set goals and plan your life for a long period of time in advance, you tune your subconscious mind towards definite variant of development the events. It is like tuning a radio. At first you choose what station you want to listen to, and then you search for it. If you don’t know what you want to listen to, you will find one station then switch quickly to the second one, third one, but you will listen to a noise between stations in most cases. The same takes place in a life. At first you should define where you want to get and then your sub consciousness will tune to that variant of life. The most people don’t choose they walk through life, so unfortunately their life is a continuous 'noise'.

Secret of success #6

The secret of all successful people consist in having good attitude and thinking good towards themselves. But note, they make mistakes more often then you. It is very important to have the right attitude towards yourself. Your attitude towards yourself defines how you treat other people and your personal activity. You must love and respect yourself. If you don’t love yourself you are unable to be useful for anybody in this world. And you are unable to love somebody else. It seems that you love your children, but it is not really so. Everything starts from you. If you don’t love yourself you won’t work for this person because you don’t love him. How can you work for this person? A bad attitude leads to a belief ‘I do not deserve’. And having such belief you are not able to achieve anything in life. The secret of success No.1 says, that in order to get something you should be ready to have it. But you are absolutely not ready to have this. Even otherwise you are not ready to have what you posses now. You think how to keep things I have right now and do not loose the current state. Your own image defines your attitude to the world. The attitude to the world CAN NOT BE better than attitude to yourself. Everything starts from yourself. Do you know, that you can easily change the negative image of yourself by using self suggestion? You simply try to notice, what you have done right and try to remember it, ignoring everything what have been done wrong. More detailed explanation you can find on the self suggestion page. Until you create a good image of yourself don’t try to get something worthwhile. I offer you one phrase, that greatly increases your importance in this world: You are nobody else as a son of God. Imagine how big potential you have. There is nothing impossible for you.

Secret of success #7

You should always study on a road, that leads to success. Acquire a habit to read, read and read every single day. Very important to read something about self development. This website is a good beginning for it. It gives you an idea of success, and you will understand which direction you should move further in. Read on the subject of your occupation for career development or on the subject of your business for its prosperity. Try not waste time. When you are getting to work, listen to the educational materials. There are a lot of such materials in the Internet, you can choose and buy whatever you want. Just download and listen to them. If you are getting to work by car, make your car the university of success. When you are driving turn on and listen to some educational materials. All the time you should have an audio player with you, perhaps it might take place a situation when you have to wait somebody or something. You will be able to avoid the waste of time listening to player. You don’t imagine how much time you are able to save with the help of player. It's size is like the trinket for keys. Do not grudge money on your teaching. People are always interested where to invest their free money: to the bank or investment funds, some stocks. It is a good decision to invest it in your own business, if you have it. If does not, invest you money into your education. Your mind is the most valuable asset. It is able to return you 100% invested money per month. Where will you find 100% monthly rate? Nowhere. Don’t you like reading? Learn it! Don’t you like listening to the player? Learn it! You might not like because you read or listen to something boring or uninteresting?

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