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The most important thing to protect is confidence and belief in self. It is the foundation of all personal success. You can achieve anything when you believe in yourself. But you will fail when you doubt yourself. The feeling of confidence is a positive state of vibration where your subconscious mind is directed towards the success of a thing. It is when you are single minded and fully aligned with the realization of your goal. Your confidence is your personal magnetic field that attracts that which you desire to you.

It is a fallacy to think that you lose nothing when you attempt something and fail at it. The lack of understanding about the psychology of life is the reason why people stay failures while finding it harder to succeed. It may seem that there is very little external loss, but the loss is great when it is internal loss. It is imperative to consider how a situation might affect how you feel if it doesn’t go well for you before you endeavor to engage it. Watch for how it affects your internal world more than your external reality.

When you increase in confidence, you increase in success. When you increase in success, you increase in confidence. Create positive reinforcement instead of negative reinforcement. Focus more on doing things that get your positive results and less on doing things that keep making you disappointed. Choose to engage in situations that you’re more likely to win than lose. Successful businesses grow from strength to strength. Each positive experience is a positive reinforcement that increases your power.

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