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During last year's Beijing Olympic Games in China I don't think any Gold Medals were won by people who turned up hoping for the best. The people who won the Gold Medals were different; they had a dominating dream of their life, to be the best! They had a Dream of Winning; a Desire to be the champion. They knew exactly what they wanted in life; that's what makes people who are highly successful different from the rest.

In Lewis Carrol's classic story, Alice arrived at a crossroads and was unsure which road to take. She asked the Cheshire Cat which route she should follow and he said, "That will depend on where you are going!" Alice replied that she did not know where she was going, so the cat replied, "Then it doesn't really matter which road you take." This story shows that without a desire or goal, you are just going to wander aimlessly. However, the achievers in our world; the Pop Stars, the Top Sports Stars and all self made millionaires, they all got to where they are because they knew exactly what they wanted to achieve in their lives, they have a burning DESIRE.

The first step to success is knowing what you desire so that you can recognise the success when you reach it. Napoleon Hill, in his classic work, Think and Grow Rich, spelled it out perfectly when he said “What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve, regardless of how many times you have failed in the past and how fanciful your ideas may be.” 

Whatever desire a person has, it will only be fulfilled if some of the following actions are taken. Firstly a person must realise what it is they need to make them content with their lives and give themselves step by step aims. Then they need to consider how much work they need to put in if they are ever to begin achieving those aims. Next they should set a deadline for reaching their final goal and then create a plan with a timeline highlighting how and when they will go about their tasks. To achieve their goal and satisfy their desire, this knowledge must be updated and read out regularly.

All of the great achievers throughout history have one thing in common. They have all been dreamers or desirers. If anyone is to achieve their goals in life then the first thing they need to do is establish what their desires are. That's what makes people who are highly successful different from the rest - they know exactly what it is that they want in life.

Simply wishing for success is insufficient. If anyone is to make any steps towards their definite objectives then they need to have a determined attitude, bordering on obsession, to fulfill that desire. It does not matter what your desire is. It may be a desire to excel in business, it could be a desire to learn a new skill or it could involve a desire to change aspects of your personal life.
All who achieve great things adopt a similar philosophy when setting themselves goals. The best writers, artists, sportsmen, inventors, musicians and scientists, along with many other pioneers of modern professions, all follow the process of putting their thoughts into action successfully when backed by a burning desire. Everyone, no matter what their chosen path in life may be, will start in the same situation with nothing but their thoughts and desires to spur them on.

Many people lack self confidence and are unwilling to set their aims higher through fear of failing. This sometimes develops due to people close to them discouraging them because they feel they are unrealistic with their goals and life choices. It may be that friends and family do not approve and so use ridicule to prevent their loved one from making what they feel is a mistake.

However, these people need to realise that we live in a world that continually throws us new and unique opportunities. The world only became modernised with the efforts of the creative and productive generations before us. Without the burning desire that these people had we might never have discovered the power to travel abroad by plane, communicate with the other side of the world by phone, order something from overseas by the net. With the development of technology and the industrialisation of the world, we now have more job opportunity and diversity than we have ever had.

Even in this current economic climate of doom and gloom there has never been a better time in the whole of history for everyone to realise their dreams. We must continue to follow the same methods of pioneers before us by taking the courage to act upon our thoughts with conviction and fulfill our burning desires. All negative influences must be avoided, this is important. There is no excuse for procrastination, and laziness. It is easy for people to say they want to achieve but in reality they will only start to realise their goals once they take those first steps in which they make a plan outlining the route to success.

Everyone has to start somewhere and not everything will go to plan. The achievers of this world are not discouraged by initial failure, this is fundamental to their success. There is no shame in failing before you finally succeed as all successful people will testify. With every failure comes the chance to learn something new for another opportunity.

All achievements no matter how significant they are to others begin with a burning desire to get the result intended. In the human mind there is a power that is hard to explain. It is the ability to focus positive thoughts on achieving the thing that is wanted most. Success is sometimes a thing that at first seems impossible. The word 'impossible' has no significance to someone who possesses a burning desire.

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