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Are you an engaging speaker who has had many interesting, rewarding experiences? Motivate yourself to motivate others and get paid for doing so.

·        Evaluate your "special" message. Consider what it is that you have to say that is of value to others. Have you experienced great adversity, or received some special education? In order to succeed as a motivational speaker, your message must be connected to the needs and aspirations of your audience.

·        Carve out your niche. Motivational speaking is, in many ways, a product that must be sold. Why should someone pay to hear you impart your message? Be able to articulate your unique experiences and show exactly how your message can benefit your listeners.

·        Create an outline of your presentation. This will be used not only to provide a framework for your talk but also as a marketing piece for potential clients. Furthermore, many people are visual learners and can gain more from a visual representation than a spoken one.

·        Contact large, not-for-profit corporations and professional groups and make it clear you are available. While there is nothing wrong with directly asking for a gig, announcing your availability will let them feel privileged to work with you.

·        Contact speakers' bureaus and notify them of your availability. Some speakers' bureaus charge you to list your services, others charge nothing. Most bureaus take a percentage for acting as your agent. Search for "speakers' bureaus" on the Internet. Also make sure your marketing material is "bureau friendly". You can do this by removing your contact information and website URL from all marketing material. This ensures that when they send your information to prospective clients they keep the integrity of the working relationship.

·        You must be willing to work for free to get your name out. Once others hear your interesting story or experience, they may want to hire you. Inform everyone you know that you are available for organizations who want a good motivational speaker. Volunteer to speak at service clubs in your area.

·   Write and publish articles or books in order to establish yourself as an authority in your subject. You do not need to publish a book people will find in the local bookstore. Post to websites like wiki. How and submit to on-line magazines and blogs.

·    Draw up a written agreement, or contract, for all engagements. The written agreement should contain, among other matters, how the fees will be paid (e.g., cash, check, over time), how long you are expected to speak, whether you will be reimbursed for travel expenses, and the time and date. This will help to avoid any disputes at a later time.

·       Always ask for feedback after every presentation even if you feel confident that you have nailed it. Whether you prefer that the audience fill-up a standard form or just ask them to drop you a note at a fishbowl on a side table, chances are good that you will be a better motivational speaker if you develop this habit. Positive feedback will inspire you while negative feedback will make you aspire to do better. After all, FEEDBACK is indeed the breakfast of success!

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