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Francois and Fishing
It was Friday night and Francois was in his office, engulfed in deep frustration.

Jean Luc, who had been Francois' friend for ten years, gave him a friendly call, "What are you doing tomorrow?"


"Let's go fishing. We haven't done it for ages."

Francois was elated and accepted the invitation. After all, he needed a break from the tiresome routines he had been dealing with.

So the two men went to Loire River the following day. Amboise was lovely that morning, the weather was fine and the sky was cobalt blue. It was perfect for fishing.

While waiting, Francois told Jean Luc about his situations at work. Francois said that his colleagues and employees had been uncooperative, and he found it difficult to get the results he wanted from them.

"You reckon?" asked Jean Luc.

"Yeah. They're just lazy bastards; they never listen to me," replied Francois while eating his bananas.

Jean Luc nodded.


A couple of minutes later, Francois put aside the bananas he'd been eating and exclaimed ecstatically, "Great, a large snapper!"

He carefully placed the fish in his insulated fish bin.

Jean Luc smiled. He asked Francois, "What did you use for your bait, by the way?"

"A worm," Francois replied. "Why didn't you use your bananas? You're very fond of them, aren't you?"

"Well, my friend, while I do love bananas, I'm not stupid enough to put them on as my bait. Do you think the fish are going to eat my bananas? No way!"

"So it's not going to work if you try to use bananas as your bait when fishing?"


"Why not use the same common sense when fishing for people?"

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