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Today I start a new step into my own journey. It started long a go and I want to share with you the details that brought me here. This is my life journey, and I hope to share with you a lot of it, so we can grow together. To tell you how to start yours first we need to understand what it is.

A life journey is when you take responsibility

Not that long ago I was like everyone else. I had a simple job. I got paid some money. I even had a good girlfriend. But I was empty. I didn’t like my job, it was boring and there was no challenge at all. I always seemed to lack money and I wanted stuff that probably I didn’t need. I had troubles all around and was mostly depressed because I didn’t really understand how I got there.

Now here is a confession. I was unhappy because I made all my choices based in what everyone said.

I admired the true free souls, those amazing guys that were traveling the world and crafting a fate of their own. I even wished I could join them, but I made nothing. I didn’t try anything new, I was just sitting in my cubicle joking with my coworkers and dreaming of a better life. Sounds familiar?

I made a stop last year. I saw how my life sucked so much and worked hard to change what was happening. I took responsibility of my actions and I forgave myself for being foolish. Then I started to change one habit at a time. Am I perfect now? Not at all, but I’m a lot happier than the last year.

A life journey starts when you truly take your life in your hands, it starts when you accept that most if not all of your problems are the result of what you have been doing, it really starts when you do something to improve yourself.

How can you start your journey?

I’m not saying these steps are the end of all discussions, I’m saying these are the steps I took to be here. To write these words and be happy while doing so. I do hope they can help you and make you give that first step.

1.    Accept your faults: You are not perfect, probably you will never be, so relax a bit on yourself and don’t be too swift to judge yourself. That path only leads to pain, you will only hurt yourself. Accept you can make mistakes.
2.    Forgive yourself: Sounds cheesy? Yes, I know, but don’t worry too much. This is a simple step you can do on your own. All those faults you did in the past are probably just poor choices based on other people’s opinions, or simple you didn’t know any better. just write it out or say it out loud to yourself: “I forgive myself”
3.    Develop your own code of conduct: You need a set of “rules” to live by. A simple code of conduct, you can find these by looking around. All those people you admire have some characteristics, some values that you like. That is a great start.
4.    Implement your own code: This one must be one at a time, don’t over do it, and most of all don’t scold yourself if you fail. Let’s say you admire generosity, well to start you could offer a friend a ride to work. Simple action but a generous one. Be on the lookout for simple actions that will include the values you want to develop in your life, one at a time.
5.    Find your true dreams: These ones are those things you want to achieve. the ones that really matter. Finishing your favorite videogame does not count. As an example, I found that creating great websites that aid the world in some way is one of my dreams. Another is to do something very important for our environment in a good way.
6.    Less plans and more actions: Taking a bit of inspiration from the Joker, I must say I was a schemer. I made plans for everything, I knew how to do a million things but instead I just made plans. Leap into action, it doesn’t matter if the result is perfect, what really matters is that you started and soon you will get the hang of it, getting better and better. Do not fear failure.
7.    The first step is the hardest: I’m not going to lie to you, the very first step is the most important, and at least I was very afraid to take it. I launched a website and started writing. Now it’s something I love to do. You may be afraid to do it, you may be afraid of failure or, as some of the people I have seen, you may be afraid of success.To overcome this there is only one thing you can do: Start doing.

Why is this so hard?

I am convinced that if something is hard and makes you grow it is worth it. So embrace the difficulty and don’t try to cut corners. I used to be that way and I found myself wasting a lot of time. Cutting corners, taking shortcuts and all those things can help to give you a simple boost, but those are not long term results. Focus on the long road. your life journey is a marathon not a sprint, but just as good exercise it will make you better over time.

I’m not saying it must hurt you, you must never be a martyr. You are not a victim and that is a plain fact, you are the one who calls the shots in your life, be aware of this and be responsible about it.

Are you ready to start your journey?

Let’s strike a deal right now. If you want to truly be free and begin your life journey. I will help you. Again I don’t know everything, I’m still walking my own path. But we can make some cross reference and help each other. You and me, we can grow together one step at a time. As an added benefit you will help others too. Start it in the comments, you have nothing to lose and a wonderful life in front of you.

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Lusako! I agree with you, the first step is always the hardest. As beings, our steps and decisions are usually mediated by the out-world rather than our inner-world... but as you said, 'one step at a time. one step makes many steps...