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If I were to ask you, “where is the richest place in the world?  I am sure  that some would say the mint in Washington, D.C. Others would say Fort Knox,  and others would say the gold and diamond mines that populate the African  content.  But all  would  be wrong.  The richest place  in the world is the graveyard!!! That’s  right, the graveyard.  In it lie  all the people  who had great ideas  that would have made them wealthy, but the listed instead to some negative person  who used the world “can’t” and they  believed them.  Then they  took those  great ideas with  them to their graves!!! Their best song….unsung!!!!  The best invention … undone!!! Their best book…… unwritten!!! The best speech … ungiven! Why? Because they listened to  some negative  person who used the world “can’t” Do not,  I repeat, do not take  your riches with you to your  grave!!!

Remember that DreamBusters can be changed!! You must encourage them, enlighten them and help  them to grow.  You have to prove to them  that it is not only possible but very do-able.

But there are times when you have  to just ignore  them and make a commitment to yourself  that you will not  hang around them until they grow in consciousness.  If not,  they will carry you down  with them.  Do not, I repeat, do not let them  bust your dreams and bring you down.  If you cannot  bring them  up to your level,  THEN LEAVE THEM  ALONE!!! Do not let  them bring  you down to theirs!!

Many times they will see from your example that it is possible.  And if it is possible for you, then may be  they will start to believe that it is also  possible for them.  In life sometimes all you need is a MAYBE!! Just may be!!!

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