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Professional people who work with technology or some other area of expertise are knowledgeable people and knowledge carries influence. People respect knowledge. The more knowledge you have the more influence you will also have. 

The question is: how will you use your knowledge? Will you use it for good or for bad?
Professional people need to understand how much influence they carry. It's more than most know. Unfortunately, if used in a negative sense, this influence has much more power than when used in a positive sense. At least it can seem that way.

For example, it takes very little effort to stop a project. The negative influence of one professional person can stop a project dead within minutes. And the effect is huge.
On the other hand, the positive influence of one professional person can keep the momentum going in a project until the finish line is crossed. However, because completing a project is far more difficult than stopping one, the effect is seemingly not as great.
A lot of effort and teamwork goes into getting to the finish line. You must wait for the gratification that comes from completing a project. Ultimately, the professional person who helps get a project to its goal line may not even get credit or recognition for their efforts. Whereas with stopping a project, the gratification is immediate because the results are immediate.

If a professional person wants to feel powerful they may choose to use their knowledge to scare, to play politics or to control people and situations. This is bad and is a poor use of knowledge. It does not find solutions. It does not help others.

It is much better to use knowledge to seek solutions. If a problem exists, use your knowledge to solve the problem. Don't stand in the way of progress. Don't use your influence to veto a project because challenges exist. There is already enough bureaucracy at the University making it difficult to move any project forward. We don't need more roadblocks and detours.

Professional people don't abuse your knowledge. Use your knowledge and influence to overcome challenges. Bring a win-win attitude to the table. Don't side in with the problems; present solutions. We need your knowledge to help us cross the finish line.

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