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§  Learn on a daily basis. Every fact or skill you learn adds to your knowledge. You can learn tips on how to cook from someone making dinner, or you can master a computer game that you play in your spare time. Make a point to learn something new as often as possible and then apply what you learned as soon as possible.

§  Pick an area of study. Most knowledgeable people work to gain knowledge in a specific area like english, history or computers. Find something that interests you and then research the topic. If possible, take classes or attend seminars. Another way you gain knowledge is by finding a mentor who can teach you.

§  Share your knowledge. You can be the smartest person in the world, but if no one knows you have knowledge, it won't matter. You have to show your knowledge by teaching others, writing papers, hosting seminars or participating in events like Knowledge Bowls.

§  Look for different experiences. This may mean you have to get outside your comfort zone. Each experience can teach you something and provide you with information that connects to things you've already learned. A new experience can help you look at an old experience in a new way and lead to a new discovery.

§  Ask questions. Make sure that you fully understand what you are learning. When you ask questions, listen to the answer. Allow yourself time to assimilate the new information. Continue to ask questions until you fully grasp the concept.

§  Use different sources. You can become knowledgeable by learning from people, reading books or surfing the web. Experimenting can lead to new insight as can observation.

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