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Today in this brief article, I want to discuss the four reasons people talk.  The four reasons you talk.  I want this article to “open your eyes” so-to-speak as to what’s often going on around you, even when you’re unaware.

The 4 Reasons People Talk:
1. To Impress
Just listen to yourself and others the next time you’re on a personal phone call.  Why are you saying what you’re saying, and why is the other person saying what they’re saying, it’s often to impress.  My daughter made straight A’s, I’ve lost 20 pounds, I’m the Senior Vice President of such and such company.  I just got back from Hawaii.  We talk to impress.  Take a look at your Facebook “news feed,” if you’re in doubt.

2. To Inform
We have a meeting tomorrow at 9:00am.  I need you to pick the kids up at 7:00pm.  Don’t forget to pick up the cleaners.  My dog is dying!

Talking to inform is probably the most common form of communication.  We have a need to be informed and to inform.  The next time you have a conversation try to determine if what you’re saying is primarily to impress, or to inform.

3. To Connect With …..
How was your day?  Do you want to meet for lunch?   What are your dreams?   The deepest form of communication is when you communicate to connect.  Notice how these examples are questions.  Real communication is not selfish; it’s a two-way street in which you are generally concerned with how the other person is doing. 

Real communications involves giving, and from that giving you receive the benefit of connecting with others on a much deeper and personal level.  Labor to increase the level of intimate communication in your life.

4. To Disconnect From
Let me get back with you on that.  Don’t call me, I’ll call you.  Maybe next time…
The final form of communication is speaking to disconnect from.  Try to notice when someone is attempting to disengage, so you know how to respond accordingly. 

…On that note, I have to go.

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