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 Is it possible to do impossible things?
Are there really impossible things or is there no limit to the human ambition?
Yesterday I was browsing old songs on Youtube until I came across one of my favorite childhood songs, Scatman. I was so happy while listening to the song and I recalled real good positive memories but what made me even happier is that I discovered that the singer who is known as John scatman has done the impossible!!

Scatman did the impossible

John was known for his severe stuttering to the extent that he could hardly complete a single phrase without repeating it six or seven times. John became socially withdrawn and suffered a lot because of his stuttering but one day, HE DECIDED TO BE A SINGER!!

John released his song Scatman with the aim of inspiring people who stutter and challenging himself. The song became extremely popular, made John famous and gave him the name Scatman john. Not only has John made a successful song but he has also sang very fast to the extent that it was very hard to sing like him.

John sold over six million records (an impressive number at his time), toy shops in Japan sold small toys that looked like him and Coca Cola placed his picture on its cans!!
Imagine that you had John’s stuttering problem would you have ever considered singing?? People who stutter avoid talking because they consider it impossible, what about singing??

Impossible is nothing if you believed its really nothing

Scatman John’s example was one of the many inspiring examples we come across in our lives. People like him did impossible things and proved to the world that impossible is nothing if you really had the will.

Now tell me about the tasks you believed that they are impossible before reading this article, do you think that it’s impossible to become rich, popular or even happy?
Didn't Scatman prove that anybody can do anything that is considered impossible if he tried hard enough??

John was a normal human being just like you but the only difference between him and you is that he believed he that he could do it while you didn’t.
Always in my article I said that impossible is nothing if you really believed that its nothing. The only thing that limits people from reaching their potential are the beliefs they hold about the world and nothing more.

If you want to do impossible things just remember what Scatman said in his song:
Everybody stutters one way or the other
So check out my message to you.
As a matter of fact don't let nothin' hold you back.
If the Scatman can do it so can you.

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