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If you want to follow through on who you are, to unlock your own genius, and to live the life others say you shouldn’t or won’t succeed at, here’s 5 steps to proving them wrong and your faith in yourself so very right.

1. Ignore the bores

As soon as you declare that you want to explore something different (you don’t have to know exactly what at this point), the negative voices will chirp up offering their ten cents worth. The bores with big mouths.

They will swear blind that they are trying to stop you from doing something you will regret. They will try and brainwash you persuading you to stay with your (boring) reliable job and pay check. They will try to scare you by inventing all manner of fearful scenarios on what can go wrong.

And they will do so because they’ve not go the belief and confidence you have and are too sacred to be anything other than an Admin Clerk or Customer Service Manager. Ignore those words that stop you being happy.The only voice you need to listen to is the one inside of you saying…’Go!’

2. Abandon convention

A genius doesn’t follow the conventional view of life. They don’t automatically join the line of society to be fed what the mass opinion is. They are happy to go out on a limblike Shirley MacLaine, to sing their own song and bang their own drum.
The very defintion of being a genius sets you apart in some way from the mass world. To discover that it’s sane to abandon custom and tradition and follow instead the road less travelled where you leave foosteps behind for others to follow. Like Eratostheneswho first said the world was round. Mad eh?
Lead – don’t follow. That’s what sheep do.

3. Trust intuition

A genius doesn’t look up a book or click on the internet for their source of inspiration. Nor seek validation or being ‘one of the gang’. They already have it within them. Their intuition. It just requires accessing because almost very single person who did, created, or became something remarkable, used intuition at some point.

Logic never supports true brilliance. The mind is limited by design so cannot fully awaken amazing ideas and concepts by itself. There needs to be another spark. And that’s intuition.

If you sense what is right then follow it. If lightbulbs flash off with insights let them shine. If you feel you know the right thing to do, even though that doesn’t seem rational, explore it. It’s most probably the correct action. Trust your intuition.
Your intuition is your genius compass that points the way when you can’t see it.


4. Go crazy.

A man once said that he had a vision of, ‘a computer on every desk in every home around the world‘ at a time when computers were thought to be only for huge corporations and that the technology could not exist to make them any smaller. Arise Bill Gates.

In 1962 President John F. Kennedy committed the USA to landing on the moon by the end of the decade even though most scientists declared it impossible. It took over 1,000 new inventions and processes but Neil Armstrong did that seven year later.

More amazingly is that Neil Armstrong himself declared in a college class that one day he would be the first man to fly to and land on the moon. The year was 1948!
Predictably his teacher told him to wise up or he’d end up on skid row (seems to be a theme doesn’t it?)

To them ‘what if?’ became ‘when will?’ Do the same – be a bit whacko, go crazy and get crazy results!


5. Tomorrow is today

All geniuses constantly visualise and live in a future they are creating. They already see it, feel it, touch it and reside in it. To them it’s as natural as you thinking about what you are going to wear today.
They activate the future by making it today and drawing into their orbit all the neccessary energy, people, activities, finances, opportunities, and actions that make their vision a pure reality. Just like magic!

Genius starts and ends with this skill. Make everything real NOW and continue to hold fast that it is so even if the landscape may not equate sometimes to it.  To know deep down with conviction that something will come about possibly through your own hands or work is akin to where Einstein saw Relativity and E=MC2.
Other so called eminent people saw nothing or only mathematics on a blackboard. Einstein took Relativity that had flowered in his mind and introduced people to it via his genius in a simple equation.  You can do the same – you are a genius of the future living today.

There are countless stories of human genius cast to the wayside by another person’s lack of ambition or poor spirit:
·        Beethoven’s teacher (another one!) told him he was “hopeless as a composer”.
·        Roger Bannister was advised his lungs would burst and he would die if he attempted to break the 4 minute mile.
·        Decca Records turned down the Beatles with these immortal words; ‘We don’t like their sound. Guitar groups are on their way out’.
·        Freud was booed off the podium when he first presented his opinions to colleagues.
·        Every cartoon Charles Schultz submitted as a young man was rejected and Walt Disney wouldn’t hire him.
·        And Walt Disney himself was fired by a newspaper editor as he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas”.
Genius is in your hands and your own spirit not in the viewpoints and opinions of others. People who never followed a dream or believed in them. People who would have stopped Edison, Henry Ford, or Marie Curie through their own low outlook. GO!!!

Every single person has a genius within them should they choose to let it out.

Most don’t.

What about you?

Be crazy, live the future, abandon normality, trust your intuition and forget those with cobwebs around them.

Your genius awaits. The genius that you are.
What’s it to be? Are you going to activate your genius? What do you dream of or want to make happen? Tell me how could be Neil Armstrong in 1948 today!

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