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 Men are like hunters, they love what they hunt for, don’t go after a man, play hard to get but easy to be with. Men hate cheap things.

Men love space, don’t chock him, if you give a man too much he will get chock him, if you give  a man too much  he will get chocked and throw you up, don’t  show him you are so much interested and you can give  anything(time, money, sex etc), men don’t need too much of your love but they need  much of your respect and humility.

Men loves a privacy and can abandon you if you invade in their privacy, don’t monitor him he is not your son, don’t stop him from associating  with friends  both male and female and don’t always try to know everything he does.

Men hate spies, don’t spy on him by always asking his friends, family or colleagues after him, don’t check his phone, messages, facebook or contacts to know whatever he does.
Men hate talkative  and desperation, don’t broadcast your relationship to the world if he has not asks you to  or propose  allow him to, don’t  bring up the word (money, marriage) to a man.

Men loves leading, allow him to exercise his authority, don’t tell him what to do, don’t force to change him but compliment him.

Men loves active listeners always allow him to talk even if it boring and listen to him, allow him to win your arguments, it is in them they like winning.

Men loves, truth, honesty and sincerely, always let your yes be your yes and no be your no. 
Remember you don’t keep a man with your love  or money but keep man with your VIRTUE. If think am not right make research ask your brothers, friends and the same thing  if you want to keep them.  Wish you luck in your relationship and marriages.

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