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Steve Harvey asked Bishop TD Jakes the million dollar question everyone seems to want to know the answer too, “What can I do to be happy?” 
Less than 5 minutes, here’s what he replied…
1.Own Your Own Happiness:  Be responsible for your peace and joy that’s within            your heart and independent of your kids, spouse, and stuff.  

2.Challenge  Your Own Story:  Change the way you talk to yourself about who you are and what  happened to you in life.  You wrote the script.  Change the Story.

3.Enjoy the Journey, Not the Destination:    
          Enjoy the process and celebrate along the way!

4.Make Relationships Count:  
        Nature teaches us, there is s no fruit without relationships.  You cannot be fruitful             without relationships. You are no more than the relationships you surround yourself           with, and make sure they are good ones.

5.Balance Work with Play:  
       Not only for you to be holistic, but for people to get a  perspective of who you are.  If          you work really hard and diligently, then balance it out with play.  If you play hard, and        no work, you’ll be fun, but you’re going to be hungry.

My dear friends, relatives and others let us create our own happiness because happiness is inside job and anyone who needs this will going get it.

Lusako Mwakiluma
Motivational & Inspirational Speaker

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