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Becoming a genius is not so hard!  First, believe you are very smart.  Second act like you are very smart.  Third, never, ever doubt yourself.  When you begin to see yourself as a genius, you will become one.  Results are to be expected and they will follow.
"Genius is self-imposed; mediocrity is self-bestowed."
Walter Russell
If you've been wondering what topic to choose for a Magic of Reading Challenge, I have a suggestion:  Decide to become a memory/learning genius!  Read about fascinating techniques you can use to double, triple your speed of learning--or increase it to the power of ten!  This would be a fun project.  This would help you with your school work . . . from now until graduate school . . . and you could teach the technique to others for fun and profit.
Once again--the key to getting into learning about memory: don't think of it as work, think of it is work.

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