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  My definition of power is "The ability to act". So if you as a person wants to become powerful, you have to start by taking action.
It depends on what kind of power you want. You may not be aware of it but you are ALREADY powerful!

You have powers that are sleeping within you and they can be awaken any second you want just by putting focus on it and take action.

I myself wasn't aware of my powers until I went to a place in Sweeden called Ängsbacka. It was a huge festival there and I learnt things there that really made me aware of my powers! I broke a wooden arrow with a steel tip that in one end was attached to a wooden board and in the other end it was pressing against my throat. I have seen yogis done this but I have never in my life imagined that I could do it... So what did I do to break it? I CHANGED my thinking! And here is the clue to become powerful as a person: YOU HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR THINKING! Thoughts become things! It's like the saying: 
"If you can IMAGINE it, you can DO IT"!

With the right thoughts and with the right kind of actions you can become as powerful as you want! NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! If it looks impossible to you or anyone else right now, it will be possible for YOU or someone else tomorrow or ten years from now! It's like it says in the Bible: "Everything is already here, it's just waiting to be revealed"! We have everything we need to do ANYTHING we want!

So START TODAY! If you want to be powerful, you gotta think like a powerful person! You gotta SEE YOURSELF BEING AND ACTING POWERFUL! What you believe is true becomes true! And you become what you think. Take for example your body. Your body is a result of your thoughts! You have to think before you can eat and you have to think before you can lift weights or jog in the park or whatever you want to do to get in shape

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