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1. Be prepared
It’s important to set yourself up for success. Spend the month of January reflecting and planning for the next year. Where are the areas you are weak? For me, I am weak when it comes to taking care of my health. So I have found a workout buddy to keep me on track and have designated healthy meal planning days where I plan and prepare freezer meals. If you struggle with keeping your business afloat, try setting big and small goals for each month and scheduling networking events.

Maybe you are scatterbrained and have trouble keeping track of your belongings or often forget important things when you leave the house. Prepare your home with better organization. Start the year off feeling prepared!

2. Say goodbye to toxic relationships
Everyone has one or more relationships that are toxic. Some toxic relationships are obvious while others we ignore. Before going another year with the life being sucked from you while you pour into the friendship, examine the relationship. Discover which friendships need better boundaries or simply need to end to ensure a positive year! Remember, you will soon start to become like those around you, so make sure you are surrounded by the right kind of tribe!

3. Create a home environment that you love!
Your home is the only place in the world where you can choose the design and decor details (unless that’s your job).  Sure, you aren’t made of money, but you can create a space you love while still on a budget! Toss the clutter, repaint, and only include decorative pieces that bring you joy or give you the feel you want in a home.

4. Plan a budget
Speaking of budgeting your home makeover, a complete budget is essential to relieve financial stress and set you up for success! Many people I’ve talked to who had a difficult year said that “money trouble” played a big part in the struggle! Take control over your budget instead of letting it control you!

5. Don’t let anxiety run the show
For some of you, anxiety is a constant battle. You may never be able to rid yourself of fear and worry completely, but you can certainly decide to fight against it this year! The best way I have found to conquer anxiety is through reading and meditating on the truth found in the Word of God. Here is a post that includes a list of verses to get you started.

6. Give yourself permission to tap into your inner child
We spend 24-hours a day being an adult. But within all of us lives our inner child. Sometimes we have to let that part of ourselves out so we can have fun and feel less stressed.

7. Practice self-care
You are a whole and complete person, so you need to make sure to nurture your complete self. When you are running on low energy and not enough self-love, you need to stop and practice some self-care.

8. Unplug and tune out the noisy world
You are in control over what you let enter your life. In all the noise, sometimes we forget we have the control. You can be sure you will have a better year when you acknowledge the fact that sometimes you have to turn the noise off and listen to yourself.

Yes, that feels like a HUGE obstacle to tackle. You’ve been procrastinating for years and years, and it gets easier and less scary over time. But let this be the year you stop procrastinating and start activating! You will be surprised when you see how great it feels to accomplish your goals in a timely manner, leaving you more time to dream and take action!

10. Give yourself grace
We all need more and more grace. The world gives us zero, so we need to become a “grace-giver” to those around us and ourselves.

You can plan the perfect year in your head, but nothing is ever perfect. When you give up on your resolutions the first month in, give yourself grace! When you forget to incorporate self-care into your routine or spend too much money caring for yourself, choose grace. And when you feel anxious or go back to that relationship you know you needed to end a long time ago, give yourself grace.

The new year is a much needed fresh start, but remember, we are given a fresh start with each new day as well! Choose to make each day better than the last and live positively!

Welcome to share together, give us comments and recommendation.

Lusako Mwakiluma
Motivational & Inspiration Speaker
29th December, 2016

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