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God took man and put him in the garden of Eden to take  care of it and the Lord  God commended  the man (Gen 2:15-16).

Whom did the Lord command. The male-men.  The male being first received all information.  The female  wasn’t formed until instructions where given the male.   The male was given the charge  to be the visionary and leader. The male is to be  responsible for everything under his jurisdiction, this doesn’t mean women don’t  have the capacity, but it was  entrusted to the male.  You don’t canvas for votes in the family to become the head.  You are responsible, God made it so  not the  family.  A man shouldn’t get married  and say his  wife what  are we going to do?  Well, we will just  wait on the Lord, we will see where we are going.  He makes  plans, he sees  the future the  women is a help in achieving it.
2.     TEACHER
God told Adam, do not eat of the three, but the he didn’t tell Eve.  Which means it was Adams responsibility to teach Eve and guide her.  If you were  the first one  to discover something and someone else  shows up at the scene  needing to know  something, what does that make you? Primarily God made men responsible for teaching his  ways, not  that women are unable to teach.  The male must be responsible for godly instructions to their family.  May not  be the way things are, but the way it supposed to.  God expect males  to reveal his will and word to  females.

Paul told Timothy in 1 Timothy 3.  If a man wants  to be leader in the church let him first get his house in order.

God gave male an assignment of cultivating  the garden Gen 2:15. One of males  responsibility is to cultivate.  Means to  make something  grow and produce  greater yield.  You as a man is supposed to cultivate  and develop everything around you.   Make both people  and things better.  So if you as a man marries  a wife and she is looking Haggard, after months of marriage , then you’ve not cultivated her.  Every part of the society should be developing if there are real men.  Unmarried men.

What are you cultivating? Young girls when a young girl comes  into your presence  she should leave a better person than she came.  When  she is leaving  and someone ask what happened to you, she should be able to say I met a man  who told me he wouldn’t sleep with me.  Cultivate this young ladies, make them better don’t drag them down.

Primarily, it is very simple.  You don't have to be a batman as a man or compete  with Arnold Schwarzenegger.  You don’t have to develop big muscles, to fulfill that purpose.  Don't be made at Adam, he is not the reason why you have to work, before the fall in Genesis to work was ordained.  Work is not a curse Gen 2:2-3 God worked.  What is the significance  of work.  It exposes you potentials.  God gave male work not only because it exposes his potentials but enables him provide for those whom he is responsible in his position as a visionary and leader.  Provide comes from a Latin word meaning to “See ahead”.  The male should be a visionary, he should  have  a vision for his life and he should work to see it accomplished, both for him ,his family and others under his care.  Before a man needs a woman in his life, he needs work.  God never told the woman to work.  Now  don’t get  nervous, its just a societal demands.  God gave a man and not the woman the responsibility to provide for the home.  A woman is us supposed to marry someone who is already able to provide.  A man is to supply the needs to supply the needs of his family.  He is build physically stronger than the female, particularly in his upper body  because of God’s command for work.

The Lord God took man and put him in the garden to take core of it.  Another responsibility of man is to “take care”.  He was to take care of everything, the  woman, plants, animals, everything the woman, plants, animals, everything.  God never told the woman to take care  but the man.  Why because the woman is one of the things  we are supposed  to protect.  God designed the male to protect everything under  his care and covering. A male  is a natural  protector.  His physical frame is an evidence of that but also  his mental capacity.  They way he is structured psychologically is designed to protect.  Any woman  should feel safe with you.  But you see some  men raise up their hands on women they were meant to protect... to protect, God gave men. 

                                                               By: Lusako Mwakiluma
                                                                      Motivational & Inspirational Speaker

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